New Logos!


Let’s start this celebration month with a new look! Just look at this sexy thing:

Wow, that’s quite a change from the previous stuff I’ve used, right? Right! So, let me break this thang down.

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Are you ready for Dante’s Optimism’s birthday celebration?

February is basically here, folks! Back in 2011, I started a blog known as Dante’s Opinion. This eventually changed to DALANEL, and then to Dante’s Optimism. It’s been an exciting past 7 years and I have to say: I’m proud of myself. Not many go this long, ya know? And there are plenty of people who have been doing this longer than I have. Yo, special shoutout to Chocolate Vent. Give a follow.

So, it’s the blog’s birthday…er, month. I started the blog on a different date than when I first published on the site. The birth date would really be the day the blog was created. Fun fact: I created the blog but then I didn’t touch it for like, a week. Like, all I did was create an account, set up a blog, and then walked away. A little later, I set up the layout and wrote my first post.

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate how far I have come and to give you my appreciation for sticking with me this long. Nobody was around for like, the first year of the blog’s existence. It was that bad of a blog, guys. But, whether her for a few months or a few years, thanks and get ready for the party!

For one thing, if you haven’t already, you need to subscribe to my newsletter. It’s also going to have a birthday vibe for February and have some things that won’t be on the blog.

As for here, on this blog, you’re going to get content all 30 days of the…oh…wait. I said 30, didn’t I? I meant 28. My bad. Anyway, for 28 days, I’m going to give you something daily from this list:

  • Monday Motivation
  • Tuesday Testimony
  • Wednesday Word
  • Thursday Thought
  • Good News Friday
  • Fearless Friday
  • Weekly News
  • Weekly Funnies
  • Daily Good Stuff
  • Optimistic Report
  • Dante’s Opinion

So, those are some retro posts I used to do on the site and I will bring them back for a little bit. Also, I’ll be posting stuff like “Top 10 Favorite posts” and “Favorite moments” and stuff like that. You never know; I may have some items via videos I made to share with you as well. Hm!

Look, I just want to have a good time. I want to laugh a little bit and remind myself that there is good still in the world. You can still be optimistic. Let’s do it.

Optimist’s Digest vs Optimistic Report

Hey. Hi. Um, happy new year and all of that. So, I wanted to tell you about the difference between the monthly newsletter and the weekly Optimistic Report here on the blog. So, uh, yeah.

Optimist’s Digest:

  • Inspirational image
  • Thoughts
  • Optimist’s Challenge
  • Testimony
  • Positive News
  • Humor (image, video, joke)

Optimistic Report:

  • 2-3 Positive News stories
  • Funny/Weird News
  • Funny Image
  • Inspirational Image

So, as you can see, there are some differences, but they bring almost the same stuff to the table. The newsletter has more stuff, but you gotta wait for it. The report has less stuff, but the stuff is more often. But, they work together to bring a positive spin to the world.

I’m working hard behind the scenes to make sure this is a big year for the blog. So, stay tuned.

Dante’s Optimism’s Potential

This blog has some nice potential in terms of what kinds of media forms it can take. Let’s take a look at what I am doing and what I can do. Also, these are ideas you can take for your project.


Well, that’s obvious. You’re reading this now, and this is a blog. On a blog, you can do quite a bit of content. Besides the normal text, you can also do video and/or images. I’ll talk about video in this list. This is my favorite form of media. My favorite style of writing.

Digital Newsletter

I just started doing this in 2017. So far, I really enjoy the challenge of a monthly newsletter. I say digital, because I indeed would rather do it online than print, especially since doing it digitally didn’t cost me anything. That’s where a lot of print newspapers are heading towards. Well, the ones that are trying to survive.


I almost did a podcast for the blog before deciding on the newsletter. I do have recording tools as I had been working on an audio book so the option to do a podcast is still alive and it’s still heavily on my mind. I may do it one day. I would need to figure out how to make it engaging.


What in the world is a vlog? It’s a blog, but for video. V-Blog. Vlog. Anyway, my YouTube channel sort of is a representation of my vlogging. I produce videos on my lighting projects and such. So, the question, can a vlog work for this blog’s content? An optimistic vlog? Just like with the podcast, I’d have to really make it special, visually.

Social Media

Well, this is an interesting one. On one hand, I’m on social media. On the other hand, Dante’s Optimism doesn’t have its own designated social media platform. It’s under the “Dante Writes” umbrella. What if you extended the blog, newsletter, podcast, or vlog with social media? What if you replaced those with social media? Take Instagram. You can easily run a video and picture blog right there. This is the least likely to happen in my case, however. I am of the opinion that I should continue to push the Dante Writes agenda and brand.

Mobile App

A potentially quicker way for followers to get your content? That’s a mobile app. Making an app isn’t simple, especially if you’re not all that great with coding and stuff. But, it can really be a great addition to your brand. I think it would go nicely with my blog. I did make an app for it in the past. Maybe I should try that again.

Those are ways I can grow my blog. Yet, some of these methods fits your blogging style better than mine. There probably won’t be a vlog for this and I likely won’t give this blog its own social media presence. If you’re thinking about expanding the empire, these are some areas…common areas, to look into.

Blog Cleanup Complete

To date, Dante’s Optimism (formerly known as Dante’s Opinion and DALANEL), has produced over 1400 posts. Well, I decided that I want the posts that are published to better reflect this blog’s mission. This meant unpublishing over 400 posts. They are not deleted.

Instead, for a lot of these posts, they will find new homes in other blogs I have (but took down).

There are a few more tweaks I need to make, but most of the damage is done. This was an easy decision, quite honestly. I did this move, knowing fully that I was going to lose viewership. A lot of the posts I took down are some top ranking views (and even likes) in the blog’s history. But, ya know what, I want this blog to be what it’s named for. Some of the posts on here didn’t reflect that.

In the near future, I will announce where the other posts are going. I’ll be bringing back some old projects so I can still write those kinds of posts from time to time. My focus currently is getting the next newsletter ready so by July I might move on to those old projects.

Thanks to those who have signed up for Optimist’s Digest!

As the blog’s newsletter’s debut draws near, I’ve noticed multiple folks that have signed up for it. I wanted to dedicate this post to you. For all of the people who sign up before the debut, I will add you to a second list that will contain…”special content” just to show my appreciation for you jumping in without actually knowing how things would play out.

The monthly newsletter starts June 1st and is scheduled for the 1st of each month. Want to sign up? Hit this link.

I want to say, yet again, thank you, thank you, thank you for signing up for this thing.

You know, especially if you’re a fellow WordPress user with a blog (or 4), that people who directly subscribe/follow your blog seem to be…for me, personally, I hold those followers in higher regard. So, for those of you that get the posts via email, or in your WordPress reader feed, or now this newsletter, I want to thank you. Folks on Twitter, Facebook, and the rest are there by extension, but could be connected to me for other reasons. So, I really appreciate what I have now.

I’m looking forward to molding this blog into something even better and having you along for the riiiiiiide!