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Optimistic News: New but old series

Let’s try this again. Another weekly news feature. Shake my head.

  • No, really, first I had Weekly News, which was the first featured post ever on this blog.
  • Then, I did “Good News Friday” Lord. I called myself playing on the “Good Friday” theme by putting “News” inside. Okay.
  • Then, I knew things were bad when I launched “Fearless Friday”.

I’ve done it daily too.

  • Daily Good Stuff had, among other things, positive stories in the early strong days of the series.
  • I did Daily Good News, which was essentially a spin-off of Daily Good Stuff. Nobody liked reading that. Nobody. My goodness.
  • It was sort of part of the “Daily Positive” series where, each day, I would post some random positive thing whether news, quotes, or whatever.

So, like I said, HERE WE GO AGAIN. But, I think this time I got it.

So, the only real difference between the other weekly news stuff is the title. It’s lining up with the blog’s name (it’s a better look for uniformity).

I spent a great deal of time choosing the name. I did “positive” and “good” news in the past because that’s usually what people look for. If you do a typical search online, you’ll notice “optimistic news” really doesn’t do as well as “good news” or “positive news”.

So then, why did I go with the least popular? Why put myself at risk to not get as many views as possible? There are potential reasons.

For one, I simply love the word “optimism” and the variations like “optimist” and “optimistic”. I really do. When I renamed this blog, I just really…optimism really spoke to me. So, I had to go with it. And, as I really promote the word in these recent days, I really have come to know that I truly care about that word. It’s a word that isn’t used often, but it’s really better than the synonyms you’ll find. One word that usually replaces it is “hope”. Like, “I hope it works out” vs “I’m optimistic it’ll work out”. But, you don’t really hear that second sentence, do you? Exactly.

Another reason why I named this feature the way I did was to build a uniform look with the blog’s name. It may not have been a big deal, but I thought it was needed. So, there you go.

As for losing out on potential views, I actually don’t think I will. I couldn’t tell you why I feel this way. I just do. Maybe it’s because I don’t care. Like, I will write about what I want to write about and be at peace with how it all looks. I’m not really in the mood to change things up. I love this word and I’m sticking to it. I could be optimistic that the views will come. But, I’m not. If they come, great. If not, fine.

Each week, I’ll share a couple of stories that will hopefully help us feel better or…more optimistic about things. What’s that saying: Restore faith in humanity.

If you also paid attention to the way I am building my newsletter, then you also picked up how similar the content is to this new feature.

So, as you can see, I am unifying the blog and the newsletter in some ways. I am also trying to really focus and hone in on a particular style of blogging for this blog. Really, I’m doing a lot more focus on the “Optimism” part. I have to let other things go from this blog that don’t directly line up with pure optimism.

As for the day I will post the news…hm…my original news thing posted on Saturdays (or was it Fridays?). Eventually I moved to Fridays. I did some daily stuff. You already saw my mini rant at the start of the post. Now, I have Tuesday Testimony, which really seems to draw the most reaction, I’ve noticed but that’s not what this post is about. Heavens.

No, okay so I will launch this on Mondays. Well, either Mondays or Sundays. The idea is to start the week off with that mindset. Just like, with the newsletter, I want the month to start off right. See that? They work together nicely.

So, I hope you enjoy the Optimistic News, my Optimists. Let’s make sure to remember that there is good going on in this world, despite what you hear or don’t hear. Let’s try to remain optimistic about things, as hard as it may be. This blog is my expression of optimism. What’s yours?


How to sign-up for the Dante’s Optimism Newsletter

I mentioned some time last week that this blog was going to get a newsletter. I am making it myself with the help of MailChimp. Yes, I wanted to plug them. No, I’m not told to nor am I receiving compensation from them for mentioning them.

So, right, you want to find out how to sign-up for the newsletter. Just follow these steps. I went through these steps and signed up with another email account I have so I am telling you what I saw.

  1. You want to press this link (you can press it now if you want; it opens in another window/tab)
  2. A form will appear asking for your email, first, and last name. You only need to enter email address. You can enter your name if you want; my subject lines for the newsletters address you by name.
  3. Then, after you submit your info to subscribe to the list, the next thing that shows up is something confirming that you’re human (I guess I wouldn’t mind robots reading the newsletter). I do hope you select the checkmark to confirm you’re not a robot.
  4. Then, it will ask you to confirm your email. So, go to your inbox (it could take a few minutes for the confirmation email to show up; also, check the spam)
  5. That’s it. You are now subscribed to the newsletter.

Whether a follower of this blog or the blog’s newsletter, you are a follower of this and are, indeed, an “Optimist”.

Also, I did a test on a web browser as well as on my smartphone. They flow the same way (as I figured; but I wanted to be sure). Well, they did for me.

I may or may not create a pop-up to ask new readers to become Optimists but, for one thing, I don’t like my experience interrupted, especially on a smaller screen like my phone. Another thing is; I really need to see how it looks. I think for WordPress, this would appear at the top of the blog. We will see. It’s cookie based so, if you don’t clear your cookies, you’ll only see the thing once. So, I’m glad it doesn’t constantly harass people. I don’t know yet, but I wanted to tell you instead of you getting surprised.

I said June would be the launch. That may or may not change. I’m making a lot more progress on my first issue so May could be the jump. If I go for May, I will let you know no later than a week before May so you can sign-up and/or brace yourselves. It’s also possible I send a special issue for early subscribers and wait for June for the usual. Aaaahhh, now ain’t that an idea?

Lastly, a page will appear on the blog containing these steps. So, if a friend of yours wants to sign up, just a simple link to the page will do. Also, it’ll be easier for people to see it vs being buried under older posts (although I could pin this but…nah).

Dante’s Optimism Newsletter coming soon; Other updates

Hey, so, as the title would suggest, I got some exciting news. I’m building a newsletter for this blog. This is part of a new push to get this blog out there.

Fun fact: I actually build a mobile app for this blog years ago, but I never got it out there for financial reasons. For the record, it’s a goal of mine to get the Dante’s Optimism App out there.

Anyway, this newsletter is of course inspired by this blog. My initial plan is to bring it to you monthly. This is because I don’t know exactly how much time I’ll need to execute this. I have considered weekly and bi-weekly. I do NOT want to spam your inbox, so nothing daily (plus I don’t know if I could maintain a daily newsletter). I also don’t want to go bi-monthly or longer. So, it’s likely it will be monthly.

I already know the core content:

  • Testimonies
  • Good/Positive news of the month
  • Positive quotes
  • Scripture
  • Recap of the month in general and my thoughts

Name of the newsletter? I was thinking about “Dante’s Optimism Newsletter”. Yeah, just…yeah. I don’t think I need to get fancy with the name. My goal is the first of each month. Once the newsletter is ready to go, I will tell you and give you a chance to signup.

Speaking of signup; it’s going to be free. As time goes on, if there seems to be a serious demand for this newsletter, then I will likely charge. Just another little stream of income for me. But, for now, I want to see how this does.

The newsletter will contain exclusive content that doesn’t appear on this blog as well.

The newsletter was almost a podcast, honestly. I was on the verge of beginning the process of recording when I stumbled upon the newsletter concept and I was like “duh”. If anything, that’s probably what this blog should’ve been.

Right, there are other updates for you.

When I am done with Daily Good Stuff, I will introduce a new series that will reflect the blog’s main mission (the tagline). The name of the feature will be similar to the blog’s name. If anything, it might be a rename of Daily Good Stuff and likely to be weekly. So, Tuesday Testimony and this new feature. I may launch this new feature with the newsletter.

Also, all followers of this blog are now known as “The Optimists” You are an optimist if you are following this blog. The newsletter also will mention this. So, throughout the site and in future posts, when I say…well, like Stan Lee calls people “True Believers” so yeah, that’s the idea. If you don’t know who Stan Lee is…um…that’s another post for another day.

So, when does the newsletter drop? Honestly, I might be able to send it by May, but I will give myself June. The newsletter is supposed to give people a taste of this blog, so you may or may not need to follow it. As you saw on my content list, there will be some things exclusive to the newsletter. Followers of the newsletter will be considered followers of this blog, for obvious reasons.

I want to thank you for following this blog. Some of you just joined and some of you have been here since day…um…well, not since day one. Actually, it took me a long time before I got my first follower to the blog. Now this is slightly awkward. Thanks for following! I really hope you enjoy the newsletter should you subscribe.

The day Daily Good Stuff ends

I first started the Daily Good Stuff series in 2014 (was it 14? Might have been 13. F it; I don’t feel like looking it up). Anyway…sigh…

This series is beloved by many viewers of this blog. And, while I did bring it back for that reason (viewing demand) I made a realization: This series has to end because I want it to. So now, the question is, when?

I mean, this is brilliant.

Daily Good Stuff’s last post will be its 366th post. Yes, 366. A year’s worth of posts, plus that extra day. The ultimate “daily” post, right? So, looking at my current count, I have a little over 100 days to go. That’s basically 3 months. However, if I post excluding the weekends, that’s really 4 months. Whatever. But no, let’s post on the weekends too. F it.

I would be done around September if I post every day. No, I didn’t do the math. No, I’m not going to. This is one of the laziest posts I’ve made in some time. Generally, I do my research if I’m writing about something outside of the blog. Like, if I were to write about….um….what?

So yeah, 366. Whenever I get there, that’s going to be the last one for the series. What is it called? Oh yeah, a series finale. I’ll probably make it some big post. So, uh, thanks for reading.

March: Another month of lists

Back in November of 2014, I dedicated this blog’s content to lists. I ranked stuffed. I talked about my life. I make lists about…things. So, that’s March for ya.

I will also post Tuesday Testimony and Dante’s Opinion. But, the list will take place of DGS.

If you want me to make a list of something (funny things said, favorite gifs, blogs I like, whatever) let me know. I don’t have all 31 days planned.

I may have to stop blogging if I’m not a good brother

I may have to stop blogging if I’m not a good brother

Just a little while ago, I talked about the exciting things to come to this blog. However, as I mentioned before, 2016 was a bad year and I’m still reeling from it. What I stumbled upon this past weekend is that I might end up killing this blog because somehow my relationship with my sisters is a major player in my desire and fire to write.

I don’t know how this is possible.

Have you ever found out that everything you knew was a lie? Did you think things were one way when, in truth, it was a 180 degree turn of events?

I had found out that I wasn’t a good brother for years. I had thought I was, but no. I messed up in a serious way. I hadn’t realize my mistake until years later.

I really thought I was something. I wasn’t perfect, but darn it, I was good. I was really good! I wasn’t full of myself but I knew I was good at what I did. I was very confident. I knew only two things in life: I was a good brother, and I was funny. That’s all that mattered to me. That was my life.

As I tried to come to grips with this new reality, people told me that I was still a good brother. Eh…see, I don’t know if I accept that. I’m a brother; I am THE brother. Wouldn’t I know if I was doing my job well or not?

Who determines that you’re a good brother? You? Your sibling(s)? Parents? Other people? Is it a combination?

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