Dante’s Opinion: When is it okay to hit a woman?

Hahaha, I saw this question and I just HAD to answer.

When is it ok to hit a woman? Not to offend anyone, but you know how like women are allowed to hit men when they act like pigs etc. When or is a man ever allowed to smack a woman? Like say she attacks him or something is it ok then?

Ah. Let me take a sip of this juice I have here.


I am a man. So many genders out there we should really be asking about-ah, let me stop. I am a man.

So, this is from a man’s perspective.

I’m so scared.

Alright, so let me address your example. From a legal standpoint, no one should be hitting anybody, regardless of gender. Unfortonately for us guys, getting hit (or abused) is a lose-lose situation. If strike back, we’re monsters. If we lay back and accept it (or even run away), we’re babies. You just can’t win.

Women, from some sort of double standard moral thing are “allowed” to hit men. This is true. This. Is. True. (so the first letters of those three words spell “tit”; I am very immature. I might be a child)


So, in the case of defending yourself…ah…I need another drink.


F me.

Ah…….okay…..nope….I’m just gonna rip the bandage off and to heck with possible blood squirting from the not quite healed cut.

Yup, you can beat her up. F it. Look, if I’m cornered by a woman with a gun pointed right to my face, I will do whatever the heck I need to do to survive. Screw your code. I am punching, kicking, slapping (pimp and otherwise), and Good Times theme songing out of the situation.

I really dislike double standards, honestly. I don’t understand why it’s okay for guys to say or do and women are crazy for doing and saying the same. Honestly, that’s all I am gong to say because it’s a battle I will certainly lose. I give up.


Dante’s Opinion: If my girlfriend is pregnant, do I have to propose?

Today’s question is something I think about sometimes as a possible scenario I run into.

If my girlfriend is pregnant, do I have to propose?

Hm, that’s an interesting question.

I look at my parents. I was out of wedlock. When I, uh…”showed up” my parents were like “might as well”, but, the thing is, from what they told me, they were really on that path anyway. They were basically high school sweethearts and I showed up during their college years so they knew each other and had an established relationship.

That was their decision that may have been accelerated because of me showing up. Sometimes I don’t believe that, though. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only reason why they jumped into marriage. That feeling will likely never go away and sometimes I feel bad because what if they didn’t really want to go that far together? All of these years later, they seem to be doing extremely well so I guess it worked out.

There are plenty of people who have, what I assume from your question, an unplanned pregnancy. A long time ago, (perhaps during my parent’s era) it was expected to get married to the mother of your kid(s) (shame on those of¬†you for having multiple kids out of wedlock!!!!!).

But, honestly, marriage is outside of the kid. It’s outside of being a parent. It’s not an ideal scenario, but you can raise a kid outside of marriage quite easily if you work on it. If you are entering a marriage just because of Billy, you…

If you love your girlfriend and can see yourself with her, then go for it. But if you are EXCLUSIVELY putting on a ring because of Billy, it would appear you would be in a loveless marriage. It would appear you would end up in a constant state of “what if” and regret. But, I think, you should not “have to” do that.

Marriage is serious and involves a full commitment to your spouse; not to raising a kid. You f’d up and had this kid out of wedlock and not getting married means you are raising a kid in a broken home, technically. However, as long as you are seriously¬†active in the kid’s life, it’s really going to be okay.

Others would say you gotta do things “right”. Marry her and live with the family you made. This mistake of having the kid before the ring is not ideal, but I don’t think you getting married is going to teach you anything. Again, being a husband and being a parent are two different things with two different commitments.

Dante’s Opinion: Are my boobs too big?

Welp, I guess it had to happen at some point. Someone wants to know the story of their boob size. Haven’t we been here before? Haven’t we all either asked or been asked this?


First of all, you are a pretty lady. But HOLY MOTHER OF A CAT’S GRANDFATHER THOSE ARE SOME BIG BOOBS! Look, whether real or not (and I won’t assume; I’m scared of backlash) those are big. You know what?

Things your boobs are bigger than:

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Dante’s Opinion: Is it my Fault my Co-worker was Embarrassed?

It’s baaaaaaaack!

In case you are new to this series, Dante’s Opinion is me answering questions given to me or stuff I find on sites like Yahoo Answers. These are not stories based off of my personal experiences.

Here’s today’s…question:

I was hanging out last week with a friend of mine, who also happens to be my co-worker, and I got a text from another co-worker out of the blue. I didn’t give him my number, but it is on Facebook , so I’m guessing he got it from there. I don’t know him too well, but I’m guessing he wanted to be my friend or something, because he acknowledged that texting me out of the blue was random, but wanted to know if I’d be interested in hanging out some time.

I showed this text to my friend (who is also of course this guy’s co-worker) and we had a pretty good laugh at it. I didn’t reply to it.

So I’m guessing my friend must have mentioned it to this guy (he apparently laughed right to his face for sending me this message). I didn’t know this until I approached him about something and he replied: “Please don’t talk to me unless it has to do with work. If you don’t want to be my friend, fine, but there was no reason to embarrass me. Like I said, don’t talk to me unless it has to do with work, but ideally I’ll never hear from you again.”

So I didn’t give him my number, he found it and helped himself to it. Did I do anything wrong or rude here? If anything I sort of feel like my friend was the rude one for laughing in the guy’s face…

Well, well, well. This has a lot of stuff in here. I want to hit on some things you said:

  • I showed this text to my friend (who is also of course this guy’s co-worker) and we had a pretty good laugh at it.
  • I didn’t reply to it.
  • So I didn’t give him my number, he found it and helped himself to it.
  • Did I do anything wrong or rude here?
  • If anything I sort of feel like my friend was the rude one for laughing in the guy’s face…

Hey…I’m about to tear you up.

Concerning your first point, why would you laugh about this? What is so funny about a guy wanting to hangout? Is he some sort of weirdo with a history of being odd? I don’t understand why you had to go there.

Your second point. You didn’t reply to it. Lord have mercy; this is your co-worker. You just avoiding this? He won’t track you down? You wasn’t man enough to decline (choosing instead to laugh at him)?

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Dante’s Opinion: Am I Weird?

These kind of questions can be traps. I mean, I’m weird in general so actual weirdness may seem normal. Let’s see how this plays out.

My friends and family think it’s weird that I don’t like going out and partying (I’m a 18 year old girl) and I don’t enjoy drinking or smoking. I’d rather stay in and play video games and eat. Parties or rather large groups of people in general irritate me, I’m guessing because I’m more of an introvert. My idea of fun is maybe going to a aquarium or museum or just staying in and gaming (which my friends find boring) Should I take their suggestions And get out more?

Huh…you sound just like me. Like, just about exactly like me. I mean, I don’t eat and I don’t have friends but yeah, we’re basically the same.

Specifically mentioning drinking and smoking as something you should be into is disturbing. Nobody should be encouraging you to…hold on, are you even old enough to do these things? Or are you mentioning these things on your own?

Anyway, you are not weird at all. This is what you like to do. You ain’t bothering anybody. Like I said, you sound just like me; and there are plenty of people who are the same way. If anything, you’re only weird if being weird is normal. Huh.

Don’t worry about what other people say. It can’t hurt to go out more, but don’t do it because they think you are weird for not doing so. Going to an aquarium or museum is a really nice way of spending your time, too instead of partying but whatever. I mean, I didn’t have the best time visiting museums and seeing fishes float but I’m the ultimate anti social. I want to stay home forever.

Anyway, keep doing your thing. That’s you, boo. And if you wanna get together and chill, hit me up.

Dante’s Opinion: My Friends Think My Mom Is Sexy; What Do I Do?

What is going on!?

I am the only girl in my AP Physics class at school. The class has a lot of homework. A group of us students like to get together in the evening and do our home work. When we started this we would rotate whose house we went to do the homework. Now the guys want to come to my house to do the home work all the time.

I thought that was probably because if we have a problem we can not solve, the guys ask my mom for help and she always has the answer or maybe because when our homework is done, mom give the guys homemade pie and ice cream, cake, or cookies.

I was curious so I ask the guys why they always wanted to do our homework at my house. What they told me just blew me away. They said it was because my mom was so nice, so beautiful, so hot and so sexy they wanted to be around her. It is true mom is VERY BEAUTIFUL but she is not hot and sexy. She has a great figure but she NEVER shows any cleavage or wears tight sweaters.

How should I feel about what these guys are thinking about my mom? Are all guys this way?

So many things. The first sentence told me what was coming. That part was easy.

Welp, the fact that the guys even told you how they felt about your mom was actually interesting. They probably don’t see it as a problem; and I would agree. It’s really not an issue to think someone is attractive. You don’t because that’s your freaking mom but, hey, your dad isn’t the only person that would want to “hit that”. Aye!

I mean, as long as they don’t act on those feelings, it’s not a problem. I guess if someone told me they thought my mom was hot and sexy, I’d need a seat to pull myself together but I honestly would not be bothered. I’d feel a little awkward about it, for sure. But, this isn’t a terrible thing.

Now, if are uncomfortable with this and want it to stop, you have some options:

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