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Daily Good Stuff 266


The day Daily Good Stuff ends

I first started the Daily Good Stuff series in 2014 (was it 14? Might have been 13. F it; I don’t feel like looking it up). Anyway…sigh…

This series is beloved by many viewers of this blog. And, while I did bring it back for that reason (viewing demand) I made a realization: This series has to end because I want it to. So now, the question is, when?

I mean, this is brilliant.

Daily Good Stuff’s last post will be its 366th post. Yes, 366. A year’s worth of posts, plus that extra day. The ultimate “daily” post, right? So, looking at my current count, I have a little over 100 days to go. That’s basically 3 months. However, if I post excluding the weekends, that’s really 4 months. Whatever. But no, let’s post on the weekends too. F it.

I would be done around September if I post every day. No, I didn’t do the math. No, I’m not going to. This is one of the laziest posts I’ve made in some time. Generally, I do my research if I’m writing about something outside of the blog. Like, if I were to write about….um….what?

So yeah, 366. Whenever I get there, that’s going to be the last one for the series. What is it called? Oh yeah, a series finale. I’ll probably make it some big post. So, uh, thanks for reading.

Daily Good Stuff 265: Murder

Daily Good Stuff 265: Murder

Alright, so……how do we make killing funny? I guess we’re about to find out.

christopher-robin-mugshot funny-dogs-duck-murder

'This is a textbook case of homicide.'
‘This is a textbook case of homicide.’


Daily Good Stuff 264: Stay Strong

Daily Good Stuff 264: Stay Strong

Here are some quotes to help you carry on through the bad times. I wish I believed in these words.

534186_10150975235094293_477256873_n f767e543fe40a43d99fefc0479b81d8c stay-strong-quote strong

Daily Good Stuff 263: I need a doctor

Daily Good Stuff 263: I need a doctor

People have been struggling with the flu. This one’s for y’all sickies.

81j8g8 funny-picture-scumbag-doctor-tell-me-what-you-told-the-nurse3ed7c30f17_being-sick funny-picture-overly-manly-man-deadly-flu-going-around-good-my-immune-system-is-getting-rusty-540x558 funny-sick-meme-i-dont-know-who-got-me-sick-but-i-will-find-you-and-i-will-kill-you-picture

Daily Good Stuff 262: Funny Food

Daily Good Stuff 262: Funny Food

Just some random images with food being the theme. Let me know which is your favorite. Enjoy, cookies.

2gg33852_490569207630394_82345467_n food-jokes-c_o_374326 funny-diet-food