Optimistic News: Woman Fights for Chance to Donate Kidney

From the spicy named Sunny Skyz. We have a woman, Rebekah Ceidro, who noticed a friend of hers needed a kidney because of kidney disease. So, she simply said she would donate her kidney. She and her friend, Chris, were a match.

One problem. She was too fat.

I mean, you can try to sugarcoat it, but the reality was that, from a medical perspective, she had to lose weight in order to go through surgery. So, that’s what Rebekah did. Her motivation, beyond saving a friend’s life, was to be able to run a marathon.

By spring, Ceidro had lost 40 pounds. On May 7, she finished the UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon in three hours 14 minutes.
Great stuff. This was a double impact. She got herself in shape. She got herself in a healthier place. And now, she is in the preparation process to donate her kidney to save a life. Ain’t that somethin’?


Optimistic News: Bullying Rates Are Dropping

From the awesome team at Good News Network. Bullying has gone down for grade students. There are three main stats to pull from this:

  • Bullying rates were as high as 29% but steadily dropped until it fell below 10%
  • 1%-2% drop in students doing the bullying themselves
  • 23% fewer students witnessed bullying while at school

All across the board, this is nice to see. I was bullied when I was in school. I simply took matters into my own hands to…”eliminate” the problem. Ahem. But, sure, it’s good to see the efforts from schools to better manage what was a growing problem are working out. So, the next time you hear about another bully incident, just remember, overall, it’s not that bad.

Optimistic News: Doctor Feeds Hundreds of Elderly People

I caught this from Sunny Skyz.

So, there’s this doctor who has been feeding 500 elderly people for the past 10 years. He doesn’t charge anything. Here’s a snippet of how it started:

“One of my patients was an old fellow, he must have been around 78. He showed up at my door, all helpless. He wife was chronically ill and couldn’t do anything on her own. This couple was old, poor without even 10 rupees to buy a vada pao. He said he needed food, it moved me and that is when I decided that I want to feed the needy elderly for nothing in return”
His name is Uday Modi, and he does accept donations to help fund his operation, which he calls “Sharavan Tiffin Service”. I like to think maybe one day he’ll be able to expand and help feed other hungry people. But, ya know what? I love his future plans for his service and I really hope it comes forth.

Optimistic News: Family Saved from Drowning

Boy, this was an interesting story from the excellent site “Good News Network“.

What we have is a video of a bunch of men trying to save a father, and his toddler and infant children from drowning as their SUV was trapped in rushing water…upside down.

The man who recorded the events ended up performing CPR on the children.

I get really excited about stories like this for one particular reason (among other reasons): Video. I find it sad we are able to capture video for tragedy seemingly easy. But, what about heroics? I’m glad Tom decided to pull out the camera. Hit the link and watch the video.

No, seriously, watch the video. A very powerful video indeed. You don’t need to know how long it is. But, if you HAVE to know, I would guess it was a few minutes long. I mean, the video player doesn’t have a timer on it so…but whatever. Like I said, it doesn’t matter. The whole thing was pretty awesome. You saw this happened. You heard the fear and eventual sighs of relief.

As I said before, I’m happy this was recorded. So happy.