Big Personal Update

Hey, there’s a been a sudden change in my life. It’s not bad news, but it does impact my blogging performance so I wanted to make sure you knew what was going on.

So, I just got this new job and the hours are pretty incredible. I will barely have time to myself and my writing projects. Not just that, but I actually won’t have much time for my lighting ministry and overall church activities. I will share my list of things that are going to have to be cut back or eliminated altogether.

  • Two small time jobs are gone (one was at church)
  • No more volunteering at the foodbank
  • No more working with church to do community activities
  • Probably will have to let go of a couple of writing roles at the 5 places I write at
  • Reduced time to keep lighting ministry up to date. Keep it up and running
  • Won’t be able to watch Sixers games (this one hurts a great deal)

Well, with that said, I am reworking my writing schedule. As usual, Dante’s Optimism is my top priority. The newsletter is fine. But, I will have to condense the blogging posts here to once a week in a similar format as the newsletter.

This was a long way of saying that there is a new feature coming to the blog and this blog will become somewhat quiet (oh, wait, it already is). In fact, the new feature is going to look similar to the old Daily Good Stuff posts before like, the early 200’s. Good times. After that it turned into crap.


Visit My New Website!

Hello, Optimists! How are things going? I hope all is well and I am praying for those dealing with hurricane weather. My latest newsletter addressed some of that.

Right, so you’re here about the new website. I am pleased to announce, the official site of Dante Nelson. This is not a blog…really. It’s really more of a core for all things me in the writing world as well as the lighting world.

Yes, this site has all of the links for all of my written work on the web. It also houses info about my BRAND NEW BOOK coming out the end of the month. You’re the first people I’ve told about this book too. I can’t wait to share my discount with you for following me on this blog.

You’ll be able to see lighting videos and articles I make. I also have intentions of making videos exclusive to just the site.

That site links back to this blog as well. I recently told you how this site saved my life. This blog ain’t going anywhere, but, I needed to invest quite some time in building the site and that explains why this blog wasn’t as active as I liked it to be. But, again, that’s not a blog. It’s a website that will only update when I deem it necessary or when there’s an update about my writing and/or lighting projects I need to share.

So, if you need or want to keep track of where I am and what I write, then you’ll want to hit that site. Thanks for the support!

I may have to stop blogging if I’m not a good brother

Just a little while ago, I talked about the exciting things to come to this blog. However, as I mentioned before, 2016 was a bad year and I’m still reeling from it. What I stumbled upon this past weekend is that I might end up killing this blog because somehow my relationship with my sisters is a major player in my desire and fire to write.

I don’t know how this is possible.

Have you ever found out that everything you knew was a lie? Did you think things were one way when, in truth, it was a 180 degree turn of events?

I had found out that I wasn’t a good brother for years. I had thought I was, but no. I messed up in a serious way. I hadn’t realize my mistake until years later.

I really thought I was something. I wasn’t perfect, but darn it, I was good. I was really good! I wasn’t full of myself but I knew I was good at what I did. I was very confident. I knew only two things in life: I was a good brother, and I was funny. That’s all that mattered to me. That was my life.

As I tried to come to grips with this new reality, people told me that I was still a good brother. Eh…see, I don’t know if I accept that. I’m a brother; I am THE brother. Wouldn’t I know if I was doing my job well or not?

Who determines that you’re a good brother? You? Your sibling(s)? Parents? Other people? Is it a combination?

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I Am Finally Back

It’s been a rough year and while this year was an overall loss, I did manage to get something back. I’m back in blogging and writing form, baby.

For a couple of months now, I’ve been able to keep this blog up and running daily while tossing in some pretty nice content. I have struggled this year to give even a small amount of “f-ck” for blogging but I made it.

I really can’t stand this year and I know I will not be able to be the good person I thought I was; but that doesn’t mean this blog has to suffer, ya know? But I can feel it; like, I have things to write about and I can’t manage them all. My drafts are piling up. It’s so exciting!

Like, for most of the year, it was a struggle to think of one thing to write about. Now, I can write about anything.

As for my sports writing, it’s going pretty well. I’ve still got the touch, apparently. I started a weekly feature on the site I write for and it’s already doing pretty well. I am flexing my muscles again. I’m getting stronger with the pen.

I am finally back. I’ve made some progress on a couple of plays I’ve been working on for years and I think I want to start a new one.

It’s good to be back. Now we just have to make sure I can stay.

Goodbye DALANEL; Hello Dante Writes

WP_20140525_007If you’ve paid attention, I tend to end my posts with a signature of “-DALANEL”. It’s an acronym of my name so it’s a perfect signature.

However, that’s going to change. I’m going to be Dante Writes. I guess it’s a pen name. The first time I used it was on Twitter, and it’s expanded to most of my social media accounts. I have a dedicated email account for my writing life. I actually changed the author of my book to Dante Writes. My email signature is Dante Writes.

I mean, today’s my birthday and I’m feeling sentimental and crap. The name of the blog is still DALANEL so that doesn’t change. But, my name has now changed.

There aren’t many other changes coming along. I’m still hoping to add a weekly feature for Thursday though. If you’ve followed me on Vine and/or Twitter, you heard I have a new project. I wonder what it could be. Stay tuned!

-Dante Writes

Breaking Down the Discounts for My Book

Okay, so I’ve tossed around prices for this and codes for that. I wanted to go into greater detail of what this all means. Basically, there are two forms of discounts for my book. One is for print and the other is for Kindle.

Discount on print:

Here, I published my book using CreateSpace, and company. My book is available in many places (where ever books are sold, it has the potential to be there). However, the discount on the print version only works as CreateSpace. When you go there, my book will be available. I have a code that can get you 15% off of the $10 tag. Again, only works at CreateSpace. Not even

Discount on Kindle:

Okay, now what about Kindle? Well, the Kindle MatchBook program offers customers who purchase, or have previously purchased, a print book from the option to purchase the Kindle version of that title for $2.99 or less. Authors choose a Promotional List Price of $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free; as long as the price selected is at least 50% lower than the regular Digital List Price.

So, basically, I had the option of putting my version in the program and then being able to select one of those prices. I went with free. Now, Kindle on its own is $2.99. If you buy print, and decide you want Kindle too, you don’t even have to pay for it.

Do the math:

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