Tuesday Testimony: From Prisoner to Minister

This testimony is from Truth Saves. Enjoy the good stuff.

I’m blessed to confess that JESUS called me out of the dark to serve in the light! Part of my testimony is shared on the 700 club at CBN.COM (Brandon Duncan Finding Freedom In Prison). Of course that is only a six-minute brief and God has been working miracles and wonders since then that are worthy to share. JESUS gets all the glory for I am able only in Him.

I become an addicted alcoholic by the time I was in my early teens and started robbing and stealing to support my habits. At twenty years old I was captured by law enforcement, convicted of armed robbery, credit card fraud, burglary and drug possession, then sentenced to more than thirty years. For fifteen years I was shuffled from prison to prison seeing the inside of more than a dozen bloody institutions where for the first thirteen years I lived a violent, hate-filled, vicious life.

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Tuesday Testimony: Christ is all I need

This testimony is from Truth Saves.

I wonder what would have happened if I had been raised in the church. As it turned out, I was a sometimes Catholic. Sometimes I went — more often — not.

I went to two Parochial schools and failed both. I was self-centered and felt the world should revolve around me. I was born in 1934, almost a year before my mother was first married. I grew up gaining and losing seven step dads. A kid really needs a dad and there was no authority figure in my life. We traveled so much I felt at home on the trains that plied the West coast and knew most rail schedules by the age of 12. I got to be an accomplished shoplifter by the age of 8. I didn’t need to steal and can’t tell you to this day why I did. I started smoking grapevine by the age of 12, and stole a car at the age of 14. I was going to drive south, but drove instead into a man’s garage and pushed his car into his back yard, so I went to jail! From that time on I was on probation continuously. At barely 15 I put a bullet in a fellow teen’s arm. The judge put me in foster care.

The foster home was five miles beyond the electric lines in the logging country of Washington State. I learned to cut trees over eight feet through, at least as long as we still had those huge trees. I carried all the water from the spring to the house. I learned to plow using logging horses. Believe it or not, I seemed to like it. I believe now that this was the beginning lessons in discipline.

I went to church there, but I never listened to what the pastor talked about. He seemed to be talking above the kid’s heads. I really couldn’t reach the concept of a personal God. I was paroled home at the age of 16. One year later, at my probation officer’s suggestion I joined the army. I was a demolition man in the Korean War.

I went to a Billy Graham meeting in 1951, in South Carolina, and went forward to accept Christ. I think I really wanted the Lord then, but there were things I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to appear different from my friends. Within six months I was back in my former habits. I just wouldn’t listen to God. And God was a gentleman, as always; he didn’t force me.

After the army, I went to a Protestant church in Southern California and was re-baptized. I only thought I was serious, so I started playing church, but God knew.

Nothing went right so I went into the Air Force, still running away from myself. I was sent to the Far East and tried to drink it dry, but failed. I was transferred back into the U.S. and found a beautiful Texas girl and we married. Lo and behold, her father was a Pentecostal preacher. Then the change started. I didn’t know that Christ was closing in on me while I was still playing church. We spent three years in Chateauroux, France, a couple of years in Reno, then off into civilian life.

After the Air Force, I had one job after another: salesman, aircraft worker, deputy sheriff, truck driver . . . One day, working as a life insurance agent in Seattle, my financial world started coming unglued. We had been attending a church close to our home, so I went to see the pastor. I poured out my problems for about 30 minutes. He listened and then, with tears in his eyes, he said, “Bruce, God sure must love you.”

He explained that sometimes God lets our little house of cards get knocked down to show us that He is the One to turn to. So, there with Pastor Jim Nicholson and God, I gave my life to Christ. In prayer I asked Jesus to come into my heart and save me.

Oh, I lost the job that I had, but God had a better idea. Soon after that, at home, my wife, Joy, and I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and a new prayer language. I realize now that in all those prior years of running wild I was looking for something real. When I stopped playing and came to Christ and let Him have my life, I found that something I had been looking for. You know, I don’t feel unwanted anymore.

Christ is all I need. Praise the Lord.

Tuesday Testimony: Family United

This testimony is from CARM.

My name is Ada and this is my testimony as to what Jesus has done to better my life. Approx. 1 year ago my life was a wreck!!! I was pregnant with my second child, my husband and I were ready to give up our wedding vows. Our finances were at “0” even though we were working, and we were living at home with my husband’s parents!! I felt that things could not get any worse!!

I was raised Jehovah’s witness, so through out this time, I prayed and asked him to help me get through these troubling times. It did not help! I started to doubt that there was even a god, so I began to deny Him and depend on yourself. Things still got worse! Then my little sister and her husband, whom I had made fun of because of her beliefs, asked me to join them at their church on a Sunday. Feeling like all was lost, I gave it a shot!! That day the pastor made me realize that there was someone who did care all along, but I was denying him, Jesus!!! The people at the church were so loving, and sincere, that I began to cry my heart out!! I told my husband about what I had found, but unfortunately, he was still not willing to work things out. He was depressed, drinking heavily, and basically, did not care. So I continued to go the pastor and his wife for advice on my marriage. I felt so frustrated. They encouraged me to love my husband, even though I was angry with him; after all “Jesus is love”. So I did.

Approx. 3 weeks later I was filled with the Holy Spirit in front of the whole congregation, even though I was not baptized yet. I had been asking for forgiveness for all my sins, (trust me I have sinned!) and “he” forgave me!  I had never felt so happy in my life. I started to immediately see things in a different point of view, and I continuously prayed for my family’s salvation.

Well as of today, myself, my husband, two lovely daughters, and one baby boy one the way have been attending “First Assembly of God” church for approx. 1 year!! We are closer as a family than we ever were. We have our own home, finances are okay, and we are more active in the church than we would have ever imagined!!

I thank the lord for the opportunity to serve him. And I praise him every time I sit down at the dinner table, with my family to eat. The lord is good!! “Receive him and you shall receive power,” it is so true!!!

Tuesday Testimony: The Atheist Hears Jesus

This is from Testimony Share:

I was a church member going through the motions week after week, but in my heart God was a fictional character and the story of Jesus was nothing more than a myth. I guess you could say I was a church-attending atheist. That was, until early 1977 when I heard His voice call me by name and tell me something that jolted me into the reality that Jesus is no myth; Jesus is alive!

This may be challenging for some to believe but I can only tell you what happened that day, as honestly as I know how, and any doubt you may have, I pray, will be overshadowed by the living person of Jesus Christ. There was nothing I did to deserve this. I am by far the least likely person this should have happened to. I was not expecting it, never in a million years would I believe this could ever happen, let alone to me. I had never heard an audible voice before this and have never since that day. I still do not quite understand why it happened, but it did.

As a child I was forced into attending mass each week. It meant nothing to me but a waste of time. To me, those that believed in God were weak and ignorant people. In early 1977, 17 years old, I hit a pivotal point in my life and was in a very dark place, one in which the thoughts of suicide were frequently entertained and had been for a number of years. One day, while visiting a friend, her mom Marilyn, began telling me about Jesus and how He paid the price for my sins. She told me “for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life “John 3:16.”

But the fact was, I still struggled with the thought if God truly existed. And because of that I continued to make lots of bad decisions and hurt friends and others that were close to me by my actions. At this point I was at the end of my rope.

One day while driving home I began to weep, I felt like I had no one to turn to, so out of desperation I turned to the person Marilyn told me about. Marilyn said Jesus cared for me and loved me so much He died for me, so I began to cry out to God. As I pulled into the driveway, I began whispering “Jesus, I love you.”

I don’t know why but that is what I said. As I walked into the house and into my bedroom, I shut the door behind me, continuing to whisper, “Jesus, I love you”. I got about 2-3 steps into my room when suddenly, and as clearly as anyone speaks and as audibly as anyone hears, a voice behind me and slightly to my right, called me by my name, “Greg”, then He said, “I love you”. Startled, I quickly turned around to see who it was but no one was there. Again, with an external audible voice (I heard this with my ears), He called me by my name and said, “Greg… I love you”.

With no hesitation, I immediately opened my door and ran out of my room, took a left down the hallway, a right, a left through the kitchen, passed through the living room, and into the family room where my mom took one look at me and said, “what’s wrong with you, you look like you just saw a ghost”. I can only imagine what my facial expression looked like. In shock, I said nothing, but slightly nodded my head, no. As my mom continued to watch TV, I sat there in amazement pretending to watch TV too, but in fact, in that moment, I was jolted into the reality that there is a God and Jesus is real! There were no more questions in my mind; no doubt to His existence. But even more surprising was the fact that, at that moment, I realized it didn’t matter what I had done, how low I have stooped, how unfit I was, how underserving, how emotionally destroyed I was, or even how I felt about myself. I knew at that moment He deeply loved me, with a love that I had never heard spoken like that before. Someone who hated himself and everyone else. Someone who hurt so badly inside and terrorized by wicked memories of the past, that death seemed like the quickest way to make the pain go away. With just those words, my heart was changed and I felt hope and love for the very first time in my life. My shock and amazement suddenly turned into the most incredible love, comfort and peace, something I had never felt before.

You may be at a place in your life where I was, an atheist, or you may have doubts to the fact that God is real and Jesus is alive, or you may be hurt and crying out for help with no one else to turn to, you may have fallen and feel that God will not take you back, or what you have done in your past cannot be forgiven. Let me tell you what I can testify to. He loves you with an everlasting love, a love that gives life, peace, and comfort. A love that will pick you up out of the darkest place. Cry out to Him because He is listening, He cares, He is real, He is Alive!

Tuesday Testimony: Financial Stability

This testimony is from Testimony Share.

In 2012 I got fed up with my life due to two reasons, one being I was overworked with my job and the other being I could not get VISA to Canada after trying twice. So I left my job and started on a secluded life trying to make my living off my investments.

Every year passed by made it worse for me. I was already engaged in 2012 before leaving my job as well. By the end of 2015 I hit the rock bottom and I knew it was the end for me, I lost all my investments, I got so much trouble from my fiancé for delaying the wedding, I had no job, I was totally miserable. Even I have found the Lord way before in my life I did not care much even to go to Church. My mom is a devoted servant of the Lord and she kept me pushing and I realized I need to turn toward the God of Israel. I did so, I repent, read bible every day, pray to Lord, yet did not got to Church.

But Lord answered my prayers. I found a job in 2016 Jan, the job made me take a loan from a bank and I was able to do a wonderful wedding thank my Lord for that. I was able to make some new investments and now I’m having a good time with such as well. Now I’m about to leave my country and get employed in another better country. I know for sure Lord will provide me the best job ever there. I am happy, simply because of the Lord. Let this be a salvation to at least one person. Praise be to the Lord!

Tuesday Testimony: The Miracle on the Exam

This testimony is from Testimony Share:

I have completed my 12th standard and I was preparing for EAMCET. This exam is very important for me, but I was not getting interested to read. I tried very hard to concentrate on studies. But I couldn’t. I didn’t prepare for EAMCET the last two years and I didn’t feel that one month is enough to score good marks. But it is very important for me to get top rank and get free admission in top engineering college. But the time is very little and I don’t like doing  bits and solving problems. This was my toughest task. I am not getting interested to read but I want top rank.

In EAMCET there are no negative marks, we can bubble any option. So I asked God

“Lord, even though I am not preparing for the exam I have to get more marks than those who prepared for the exam.”

But I was not sure that what I was doing is right or wrong. Many questions moving in my mind. I asked lord to correct me if I am wrong. I asked God to clarify me that what I was doing is right. When I was reading Bible many verses struck my mind and they all tell that I am right. But still I was not sure. I prayed and prayed and asked God to answer me. Then I got a verse in the Bible Matthew 19:26

“With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.”

That’s all!! I got my answer. I was very strengthened by this word. I was filled in my spirit. I was full of joy.

Whenever my mom told me to read for the exam, I used to read Bible. I was very desperate for the word of God. One day I heard some words by which I got fear in my heart for my future. I was very afraid what’s gonna happen in my life. Then I went into my room, shut the door and started asking God that what he wants to tell me at this situation and I started reading the Bible. And he talked to me by the verse, Isaiah 37:6

“Be not afraid by the words thou heardest.”

I was very happy that God answered my prayers and talked to me the times this had happened. When I am afraid he says FEAR NOT. If I doubt him he says there is nothing impossible for me. When I asked him to end my intermediate in a great way he answered me saying

“I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, The beginning and the end.”

When I was worrying for my exam he answered me saying, Proverbs 21:1

“The king’s (valuater) heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water he turneth it whithersoever.”

I was very much touched by this word.

One month passed like this. And I didn’t even read anything. Now, the day of my exam has come. I woke up early in the morning read the Bible, prayed to God to sit beside me throughout the exam and show me the right option to bubble. And he said to me

“you will be fruitful in every good work you do. Colossians 1:10.”

Then I attended my exam. I returned home. My parents asked me how the exam? I replied them that it was good even when I don’t know that the answers that I attempted were correct or not. I was praying to god all the days till my results to give me top rank in EAMCET and to let only his will to happen in my life. I repeated word I had faith that my god will not allow anything happen bad in my life.

Now, time for results. Everyone is eagerly waiting for my results, family friends, neighbours, relatives, etc. I was again praying to lord. And I thought if I got less marks I will be ashamed very badly. Then a voice told in my spirit “you’ll never be ashamed. This is also a bible verse. This year my promise was

“A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right but it shall not come nigh thee.”

As our god is a trust worthy God, he did it. Yesss… I got top rank, and a free seat in one of the top engineering colleges. He has made his every promise true and gave me a great testimony like this. I rejoiced and thanked god for doing this miracle in my life. Yesss… nothing is impossible for our god. Even if I would’ve studied very hard or depended on my own knowledge I wouldn’t get this rank. This is just beyond my ability. But god gives us according to his ability.

So, readers the only thing you have to do is, trust the lord with all your heart. Have faith in him. He will do same miracles in your life too. Our god, JESUS is a very great God. He is a god of miracles. Claim the promises which God gave to you. Because you lose what you don’t claim. Once if our god promised something he’ll definitely do it, because heaven and earth may pass over but his word will remain forever. Have a strong relationship with god and know his will. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IN THE NAME OF JESUS. He is willing to give you everything you want. The thing is are you willing to receive from god? I hope my testimony increased your faith, gave you hope for your future and blessed you. Amen