The worst post on this blog

Yesterday, I looked at the most viewed post on this blog. When I went o look at the least viewed post, I found a 19-way tie. 19!? Sheesh.

At first, I was going to rank those posts from how much they suck. But then, I noticed a nice number of those posts were from the same series, which means that there was a particular kind of post that simply didn’t get any love.

For me, it’s a little concerning, since this series is more reflective of the blog you see today. It’s some sort of sequel to the greatest and most viewed series on this blog. Yet, people didn’t want to look at them.

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Looking at the most viewed post on this blog

So, 2011 was an interesting year. That’s when I started writing this blog. Now, seven years later, and many posts written, I see that there is one post that has dominated the blog’s views. And it was published in 2013, the year the blog started its rise to power.

What’s interesting is this post was a sequel post. The first post actually has pretty poor views, so I still have to wonder why this one is the clear winner. Is it because people really do like sequels? I really don’t know.

When I tell you what this post is, you’ll probably agree. I’ve sort of told you what kind of post consistently gets the highest views. Quite honestly, this series is the largest series I’ve ever done, and it has carried this blog year after year. My optimistic stuff doesn’t sell well compared to this.

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I Have Enduring Optimism?

Sometimes, a name is a very powerful thing. Some people have a name they can try to live up to. Some people’s names mean hope. Love. Prosperity. Courage. Heroic. Funny.

My name is Dante, and it means “enduring”.

What does enduring mean? Well, readers of this blog know I consult Merriam-Webster for my definitions so here we go. Enduring means: lasting, durable.

When you consider the name of the blog, Dante’s Optimism, it could also be seen as “Enduring Optimism”. Now, this could be interpreted in a couple of ways:

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Love: Love Yourself

Another entry in the Love series. I’m not sure why this wasn’t in the initial run of the series, but it’s time to talk about loving yourself.

You know, I briefly mentioned in my soon to be unpublished book,¬†Interpretations & Illustrations¬†that if you can’t love yourself, how can you love others, and how can you expect others to love you? It’s quite a mouthful, but it’s so true.

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The Optimistic Report Vlog

It’s a special announcement! The Optimistic Report is a weekly series I have here on this blog. I usually post like 2-3 positive or good news and a couple of other stuff.

Well, I’m doing another version of that on YouTube. Take a look at the intro video as I explain in greater detail. Make sure you subscribe as well! The series will run on the same day as here on the blog.

Daily Good Stuff 277: Text Messages

I think a large majority of us text, or at least know what texting is. Let’s take a look at some messages. Awkward, funny, fails, and more.

That wrong number text showed up at 4pm. At this point, Melanie is probably completely out of touch to be able to make her shift. Awkward.

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