Daily Good Stuff 245: Working Hard and Working Smart

InstagramCapture_6896cc21-df93-4be4-9ff6-e27fb62c32baInstagramCapture_05b461d2-754c-4401-8d9b-735c85169432Funny Cyanide and Happiness Comic Strips

Weekly Funnies 28: The Return

Alright, I gotta make up my mind. This is the second relaunch of this feature. It’s served me well though giving me tops daily views. So, I gotta bring it back. I’ll post them on Friday. The usual jokes, videos, and images are all up for grabs. Plus, I’ll add whatever else funny I see like news or quotes.

There’s a story behind it though. See, my girl Nia was actually working on a series related to this. What was cool about it was that she started working on it; I didn’t have to ask her. Unfortunately, she eventually called it off. Right before she did, I decided that funny stuff should indeed make a return to the blog. Either her feature would take it or I would bring this back.

Honestly, I hope she can eventually launch her own series. If not, she can at least post some funnies. But yeah, she wasn’t able to handle a weekly posting (I would’ve helped her but I preferred she do most of the posting). Anyway, I’m gonna try to get her to post here. Daniel already offered to help me out with the Weekly Funnies too.


Are ya ready? Let’s go!



AAAAAAAAYYYYY! All up in there! Here’s a video:

Weekly Funnies 23: Cyanide and Happiness

Hahaha if you don’t know what Cyanide and Happiness is, you’re in for a real treat. If you know what it is, well, you’re in for a real treat. Everybody wins. I’ll show comics and videos. Are ya ready? Let’s f’n go!osama_Funny_Comics-s484x312-39961-580

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