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News: Girl Lives WNBA Dream

I’m a big NBA fan. Love the WNBA too. So, once I saw this story, I jumped on it.

And make no mistake, Ariya Smith, all 4-foot-9 of her, is coming up hard.

Despite the onset two years ago of systemic Lupus, a life-threatening autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs, the kid from Thornton, Colorado, has continued to play the sport she fell in love with at age 5. And her dream remains the same:

To play professional basketball. To be like Maya Moore.

Yes, she got to hang out with Maya Moore, a very good WNBA player. One day, she did just that.

All Ariya did upon arriving at the Lynx practice facility on June 10 and giving her idol a hug was shoot like a pro, draining nine shots in a row as she worked her way around the lane. And that was before accepting the gift of Air Jordans from the team and changing into Minnesota Lynx workout gear.

There’s a lot more in the story with Ariya and even Maya’s background.

News: Construction Worker and Boy Stop Pit Bull Attack

A boy saw an elderly man getting attacked. He turned to a construction worker for help.

Marshall Schmitz, 9, turned to CS McCrossan Construction worker Derrick Johnson for help when he saw a pit bull attacking a man walking his dog in St. Louis Park on Monday.

“I saw a man walking a little dog, and then a pit bull I’d never seen before run after the man,’ Marshall recalled. “And the man was holding his little dog in his arms in the air, and then the man got knocked over.’

Johnson was able to fight off the dog, but not before the little dog died in the attack. Police arrived to settle the situation.

The officer also commended Marshall’s actions, saying the boy behaved “beyond his years’ by stopping what he was doing and running for help.




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News: Teacher Is Hero In Louisiana Movie Theater Shooting

Another movie theater shooting. Of course I had to find out if there was anything positive to take from that tragedy. I got something.

A school teacher heroically jumped in front of a colleague to shield her during a deadly shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana Thursday night, and one of the teachers was able to pull the fire alarm to alert authorities despite being wounded, according to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

“Her friend literally jumped over her, and in her account actually saved her life,” Jindal said at a press conference, after he visited with victims at a hospital. “If she hadn’t done that … that bullet, she believed it would have hit her in the head.”

Keep those people in prayer. Read the article for more info.

News: Through Facebook, Strangers Keep Woman’s Car From Being Towed During Emergency

Another powerful story thanks to the evil Facebook.

A mom rushed to the ER with her newborn. She parked and put change in the parking meter. But things weren’t looking too well.

“Will I get towed or just a ticket?” Goemans asked a Facebook group for moms, explaining that she was at the hospital and doctors needed to do more ultrasounds and X-rays on her son. “I can’t leave my newborn to run out, and we didn’t expect it to take this long.”

Well, the other moms decided that neither would happen.

“Just a ticket, but what kind of car and color. I’m not far. I can go put change in it for you in about an hour on my way back home if you are still there,” one woman responded.

Within 40 minutes, a woman arrived to put more change in the meter.

“Done,” Stephanie Goguen commented, posting a photo of the meter with two hours of time added.

Goguen was working at the Royal Victoria Health Center when she saw the post.

“When I first noticed the post I had just sat to wait for my ride after work,” she told CBS News. “I thought I am right here, how can I help.”

In all, five women showed up to help fill the meter. Just a really awesome story to read. There’s more.