Weekly Funnies 32

What I Do Memes Describing Me

You ever run across those “What I Do” memes? If you don’t know, these memes give viewpoints of a profession or type of person from various “people” like society, family, friends, and more. These memes represent my various titles in life. Enjoy.

I’d say that was pretty accurate. The last two were not the best but I loved the first four.

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Daily Good Stuff 276: Really Awkward

Things get really awkward:

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Daily Good Stuff 274: Unexpectantly Funny GIFs

These GIFs are funny, but you don’t see it coming until the end. It’s unexpectantly funny.

This first one would explain why I’m still a virgin:

That’s a shame and also not too far from a true story. But I’m optimistic! Right?

I used to run track, but I ended up quitting. I was never a fat kid, but I wonder what life would be like:

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Daily Good Stuff 271: Cyanide and Happiness

Daily Good Stuff 270: Bad Luck Brian Memes