Daiy Good Stuff 269: Pixar Memes

Daily Good Stuff 267: Funny Church Signs

Daily Good Stuff 266

5 Favorite funny dog memes

I guess the dog is my favorite animal. Um, but here are some memes:

5. Who, me?

4. Hipster sounds

3. Questions of life

2. Jehovah’s Bark-ness

1. A real marathon

Daily Good Stuff 260: Demotivational Posters

Another und of demotivational posters just for you, babe. Let’s roll with this first one.


The world would be much better for people who don’t get sarcasm if they had a sarcasm sign just appear out of thin air whenever it was being used. This next one is really interesting.


Let us see if the big bad wolf can make a difference. Eh…probably still blow it down. Okay…now this is…ugh…



I’ve wanted to rant about this for a long time. But, there’s no room on this blog. Unless someone asks for my opinion on wearing pants like this, I guess I gotta find another outlet.

Daily Good Stuff 259: Socially Awkward Penguin

Alright, so one of these memes is an unfortunate true story for me. Can you guess which one?

socially-awkward-penguin_o_1016201 socially-awkward-penguin-8 socially-awkward-penguin-meme-6