The end of Dante’s Optimism is here

In 2011, I started a blog. It was called Dante’s Opinion. It grew into something more. It grew into this.

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce the end of Dante’s Optimism. My optimism. And, for now, this is the end of my blogging career.

At first, I was just going to let the blog sit here and gather dust. But, when I look at the number of subscribers and comments and fans, I realize I owe you an explanation. Some of you have been following me for years. Following my optimism. I’m going to tell you why this is the end.

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Making adjustments to the newsletter

I’m making some slight adjustments to the newsletter. A lot of new stuff you’ll see have been on the site before. Alright, so the core changes are that I’m adding what used to be weekly features to the monthly newsletter.


  • Monday Motivation
  • Tuesday Testimony
  • Wednesday Word
  • Thursday Thought
  • Friday Funny

So, with that said, let me break it down to you what you’ll see starting with August. I’m listing in no particular order of how it’ll appear:

  • Optimist’s Challenge
  • Opening quote and words (Thursday Thought and Monday Motivation)
  • Testimony (Tuesday Testimony)
  • Scripture (Wednesday Word)
  • Funny image (Friday Funny)
  • Good/Positive/Optimistic news

For those of you already subscribed, there’s not much of a change in what you’ll see. It’s just a little more structured and some of the sections will be adjusted to match what used to be the weekly posts here.

There will be three images (Thursday Thought, Wednesday Word, and Friday Funny) but I may change that if only because I don’t want too big of an email. So, sometimes the Word and Funny may be just text (the Funny would be a joke at that point instead of a meme or whatever). I’ll play around with it.

So, that’s it. Just a little update on how things are going.

Weekly Funnies 32

Weekly Optimism 6

Why this blog is just so darn awesome

I’ve made some mistakes, as I mentioned yesterday. However, there have been some awesome moments this blog has seen. This blog itself is awesome.

For one thing, how many blogs have you seen that matches this theme? That’s what I thought. Nothin’, baby! Look, this blog is its own. It’s not better or worse. It’s different. Your blog is different. That’s how it should be. Don’t go copying off of others. Be your own brand. Your own style. Embrace that.

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Three Mistakes I’ve Made With This Blog

We all f up at some point. I’ll tell you how bad it was managing this blog.

1. Not having a plan

I started this blog without a real plan for it. I didn’t even know how to describe it. I remember one time this guy asked me “what do you do?” and I was all excited when I said “I write on my blog” and he’s like, “cool, what do you write about?”


See, back then it was Dante’s Opinion. So, everything I wrote about was centered around my opinion. So, I felt like some sort of self righteous, arrogant, stereotypical blogger dude when I said “I write about my opinion on stuff. It’s called Dante’s Opinion so it’s my opinion on whatever topics”

Yuck. I didn’t even have like, a genre to express my opinion on. I was ready to talk about anything. Sports. Politics (idiot). Culture. All of that and more. I just jumped in without really thinking about it all.

When you compare it to what you see today, you realize what I’m saying. Like, today there’s a blog and I got sexy logos and a newsletter and all of these things. There’s research involved with the name of the blog and “optimism” and all of that. Like, there was ACTUAL PLANNING going on. Building a strategy and stuff like that. Having a vision and sticking with it. Those previous years was me gradually coming to the realization of what I wanted to do with this space.

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