Daily Good Stuff 256: You’ve got a friend in me

We’re back and we’re doing it right. First off, we have a serious problem:



There are rules to how far pranks go, man. Serves you right. “You’ve got a friend in me”—your mom. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!



It’s great. A promise is a promise and God takes them seriously. But what about us? Will we hold up our end? Ah.


See, if we try to be who other people want us to be, we never find ourselves. Then, you’re wondering if people like you for you, since you’re not being you. And since it’s impossible to be everything that everybody wants you to be, you’re better off just being you and living with that end result.

Daily Good Stuff 255: Chase your dreams

Hey look! Daily Good Stuff is back. Woah! Slow down, babe. Let’s see how this goes first. Okay, this meme is pretty solid:


Dang. I hate when people say what they clearly don’t mean. It’s an annoying thing for humans. Take a look at this quote:


That’s a good take on dreams. Dreaming isn’t enough. Let’s make it a reality! Lastly, we need some scripture:


Ah yes, humility is valued more than most in the Lord’s eyes. I’m proud to say I understand that. Oops.

Yes, Daily Good Stuff is back. Core: Humor, Inspiration, and Spiritual (or something like that).

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