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The Daily Positive: Policeman Helps Shoplifting Mother

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The title may seem off but it’s true. A mother was caught shoplifting and the policeman called to the scene decided to help this struggling mother of six.

Sarah Robinson, a mother of six from Kansas City, Kansas, went to a Walmart store earlier this month, after running out of diapers for her 2-year-old twin daughters, ABC News reported. The family had fallen on hard times after Robinson’s husband died a few years ago and without money to buy what she needed, the mother tried to steal diapers, wipes and shoes.

The officer listened to Robinson’s story and learned that the family had been struggling financially. After issuing Robinson a citation for theft, Engraville went into Walmart and used his own money to purchase the items the family needed, The Kansas City Star reported.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Following the incident, Police Chief John Morris and Sgt. Randy Costlow helped Robinson set up a bank account, Prairie Village Post reported. And as the news of Engravalle’s good deed spread, local radio stations also got involved in helping the family. Hosts of KMBZ’s radio show “Dana and Parks” put out a call for donations and brought in more than $6,000 for the family. KCMO, another station, organized a donation drive to collect some basic essentials for the family as well as other monetary donations.

Take a look at the entire story.


The Daily Positive: Man Gives Kidney to Neighbor


Nice story, as the title would suggest.

Shad, a 42-year-old father living just around the corner from Charlie in Derry, donated a kidney to his neighbor in May. Charlie and Shad met about 13 years ago through Shad’s wife Amy, who grew up in Belmont, Mass., with Charlie. The pair lost touch following high school, but discovered they were neighbors again — this time in Derry — when they ran into one another at a doctor’s office around the time of Charlie’s first transplant.

Quite a story in the link.

The Daily Positive: Girl Saves Grandfather’s Life

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Ten year old Sophia noticed her grandfather was having a stroke. She, her mom, and her mother’s father (Sophia’s grandfather) were together. Take a look:

“He dropped a bag of apples, my mom tried to ask him what was wrong,” she said. “He looked confused and his face was strange. It looked like he could not pick anything up. When he tried to say something, we couldn’t understand what he was saying. I knew what was going on when it started happening.”

Sophia learned the signs because she did a school project on it.

“She worked really hard on a science project for about six months and learned all she could about strokes and the different types. When she told my daughter I was having signs of a stroke, she knew more than my daughter,” Bolderson said.

Steve Bolderson is the grandfather. Anyway, it’s a great story and I love it when kids are able to step up to get stuff done.