A New DALANEL Goal: Be A Part of A Blogging Network

I have finally called it. I was thinking about this for quite some time but I think this blog and I are ready. I’m putting it out there: I think DALANEL can be a part of a blog network. I would love to join other bloggers to make this happen.

So, let’s talk about how this would happen.

For one, each blog in the network will have a specialty/genre. One blog will be about sports. Another is a blog that follows a lot of the entertainment industry. One will have beauty tips. One will be about financial stuff. You see where I’m going? All of these blogs would be under one umbrella; and don’t worry, it’s not called the “DALANEL Network”. We’re an equal team. I of course would handle the “good news” part of the network and perhaps even spiritual.

Are you interested?

Well, each blog will retain their work and such. It’s a support system really. We’ll all link each other and do collaborative pieces. But we’ll all be under that umbrella and we’ll be a blogging family. On a technical scale, perhaps create a main page for the network and all the feeds from the blogs all show up there. I think this could really be fun. It’ll produce more exposure for our blogs and perhaps even crate friendships.

Requirements? Well, the blog obviously has to be active. Hey, we have lives outside of the blog. I just don’t want to see too many weeks go by with no content. Also, I guess blog performance doesn’t really matter. I can understand if a powerful blog would kinda stay away from a weak blog. And I really don’t want things to be: the better the blog, the more ownership of the network. Everybody has an equal say. If we, as a network decide we want to do something, we put in a vote. Perhaps there should be some universal guidelines for the network.

One cool feature could be each week/month/quarter we run a newsletter type thing or a latest posts from the various blogs. We post that on the main page as I mentioned earlier. So that’s a collaborative thing right there. We’ll talk; I’m just brainstorming.

On a financial basis, as I said before, each blog would be run by their owners. If you have ads on your blog, great. I can’t say DALANEL is going down that road though (WordPress does put ads on sites. This is not me, that’s them). I would imagine, in that case, there would be no revenue sharing or anything like that.

Again, we’re just a team of bloggers uniting to bring quality content to your screen. That’s the goal of this network.

If you like this idea or if you want DALANEL to join your already existing network, let me know and we’ll iron out the details. I am really excited about this idea. I want DALANEL to be a part of a family.



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