The Daily Positive: Teen Gets Hit By Truck, Still Manages to Save Man



Wait what?

You read that right. When I saw the headline, I had to give it a click. Maybe there was a mistake. But no, this kid gets hit by a truck, and still goes to save this man.

Here’s how it went down.

Dalton, the teen, pulled up to what was a car accident involving Duane, the 73 year old and another. Next thing you know, Dalton’s car is actually rear-ended. So, we have two accidents on our hands. Dalton and Duane get out of their cars and are standing around when the truck hits one of the cars and then slams into Dalton and Duane.

Our hero was in pain. I guess so! Turned out he had three fractured vertebrae. Holy mother of pain.

Meanwhile, as it turned out, Duane was sent flying to the other side of the road. Dalton, in his pain, went over to Duane and moved him to safety.

You gotta read the entire story.

Updates Pages: Share Your Story, Writing Career, and Featured Posts


I made some tweaks to the pages I have here on DALANEL. Pretty minor.

For Share Your Story, I updated to better reflect The Daily Positive and Fearless Friday featured posts.

For Writing Career, I added Whatever A Spider Can info.

For Featured Posts, I finally added The Daily Positive.

Check out the pages if you haven’t already.

Return to FanSided


When I left FanSided last year, there were no hard feelings, although some of the things the network was doing rubbed me the wrong way. Sports blogging is a beast.

Now, I’m back. Why? Because this time, it’s not about sports. This time, it’s a world of fantasy. I will be writing about one of my favorite heroes, Spider-Man, on the spectacular site, Whatever A Spider Can. I’ve been thinking about writing for them for a little while now; maybe a few months.

Hit the link to see the two posts I already have up there.

DALANEL is the number one spot as always. But, this new adventure is going to show off a different tone of blogging for me that hasn’t been seen in a while, or, for a lot of you, ever.