The Daily Positive: Family Pays for Strangers’ Meal


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Huh, this was an odd story as I began reading. But, it’s a good one.

25-year-old Lisa McConnell had just finished a meal at the Barbican Pasta Bar on Saturday evening with her two friends, Amiee and Amanda, and was about to pay her bill at the bar when staff informed the trio that the tab had already been picked up by another customer.

While staff withheld the identity of the mystery diner, it was only when the three girls exited the restaurant that a woman revealed it was her husband, sat at a nearby table with his family and friends, who had generously paid the bill.

The woman later explained why they decided to pay for the dinner:

Choosing to remain anonymous, she said: “We don’t want anybody to know who we are, but I saw the story and I just thought what a wonderful thing for them to try and do to reach us.

“But it was thanks enough just seeing their faces on Saturday evening. The reason we decided to pay the bill was because we were out with our children and, as has happened before, we were concerned other people might use bad language.

“The girls were just so pleasant the whole evening and it was refreshing to see a group of youngsters enjoying their evening in such a polite manner.

Read the whole story.

The Daily Positive: Boy Scout Raises Money to Donate Oxygen Masks


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If you’re been following this blog for a while, you may have picked up on an interesting fact: I’m not a big fan of animal related stories. However, I decided to go with this one today.

Duncan McGee, a 12-year-old Boy Scout who attends Endeavour Middle School in New Haven, has questioned his father David McGee, a firefighter and EMT at the New Haven Fire Department, for the longest time about how the department rescues dogs.

“I told him that it’s not usually in the budget to buy things like that because, again, we have limited resources and we spend them on human lives and not pet lives,” David McGee said. “He thought it would be a good idea if he could find a way to help rescue pets.”

So of course, Duncan decided to do something about that. After starting a campaign on GoFundMe, he spread the word.

He put flyers up at places in town, including the fire department and pet grooming salon, and shared the link to the page on Facebook.

The page received 88 shares and raised $500 from 21 donors in two months.

The donations allowed him to purchase five animal oxygen kits from the Wag’N O2 Fur Life Program, an educational and public safety company located in Virginia that provides pet oxygen masks to first responders across the country.

That’s great. Duncan himself has a dog and would hope someone would be able to help her if something happened. So his drive came from a personal place.

The Daily Positive: Students Build Home After Custodian Loses it to Fire



Brenda Hurst lost her home to a fire. So here’s what happened:

A group of teens enrolled in the school’s career center knew exactly what to do, and decided to put the construction skills they were learning to good use.

Working alongside volunteers from a group called “Carpenters for Christ” and making use of donations that poured in from the school and the community of Campobello, they were able to rebuild Hurst’s house in a little over a year’s time.

That’s an amazing story right there. Read all of it.