Townsfolk Aim to Help Man Displaced By Fire

Willingboro Township Municipal Complex One Salem Road Willingboro, NJ ___

This story is interesting to me since I’m only minutes from the scene. Great, I just told you where I live. Thank God I’m a nobody.

Anyway, check this out:

Co-workers of a township man displaced by a fire at his home late last month are collecting items to help him and his girlfriend get back on their feet.

So, the guy’s name is Wesley Morris. He has some town history and it’s almost ironic.

He heads the Wesley Morris Foundation, a group benefiting emergency responders that Lizzie Morris established and named after her husband.

I know. He’s currently staying with neighbors. If you want to help someone who has been helping others, the link can be useful. Or read the original article for more details.

Thanks for reading!

Computer Problems Won’t Stop Me


I recently told you that featured posts would come back. Then I proceeded to not do that. My hard drive failed on my laptop.


Now I am using social media to keep things moving. Specifically Twitter and Instagram (sigh). No I’m not an IG fan. But the type of posts I have planned works well with how IG works. I did connect IG to Twitter so all you need to do is follow me on Twitter so see both.

Alright, so the posts on IG will be classic DALANEL where both inspiration and humor appear. Twitter will likely post text versions of that stuff.

How often? I’m looking multiple times per day. Can’t promise every day, but I want to.

Dante’s Optimism will still be active…I just have to figure out simple posts I can make until I am stable.

Okay, link time! Twitter and IG are both @DanteWrites but IG lowercases everything so @dantewrites.

Follow me. I love you.

Tuesday Testimony: God Provides


Sometimes, the “small things” are big. Check this out:

I want to thank and praise Jesus who is my all in all, my Father who cares for me. I was feeling discouraged and The LORD appointed two people to come to my apartment block to talk to me and I received some reading material from them. Although I do not believe in joining groups, the reading material and the sincerity of the two persons impressed and encouraged me that God is near to me. It confirmed to me that He does not want me giving my services to the agenda of this world’s system. He wants me to be pure for Him. The LORD keeps reminding me that He has reserved a people that will not bow to baal or serve baal not because they are anything but because He has called chosen them to remain faithful. He has empowered them to remain steadfastly faithful to Him! Praise Jesus :o)

I needed some cartons for my move interstate and I committed to The LORD about that. I also wanted to buy some raisin bread as the bread has now spoilt. When I got to the supermarket, The LORD made me to consider about asking whether they had some spare cartons I could have. I thought to myself that they would not give to me I didn’t think… I happened to walk around the corner of an aisle to an assistant who was filling stock and I asked if I could buy some boxes (I felt silly to ask) and he didn’t quite understand it but looked at me bewildered and said these boxes are empty and gave me two of them ! I was so grateful…

I decided not to buy the bread as the timing was not right (I didn’t want the bread to spoil sitting in the car under the hot sunshine) so I went to the library and then on my way home wanted to stop by a kiosk to get the raisin bread. There was only one parking bay available and the car next to it had parked over the bay a little which made it dangerous for me to park there, I decided to go home and leave the car there and come get the bread on foot instead. When I arrived my apartment unit, on the gate was a plastic bag with a loaf of raisin bread in it! The LORD had put it on my neighbour’s heart to do that, bless The LORD and my neighbour… I ate three slices and wept with gratitude.

Friends, God cares for us so much. If we would sincerely ask Him to fill our needs rather than go fill our need ourselves we will see He is faithful to provide and He can do it beating all…


Testimony from Testimony Share

Featured Post Update


I’m shifting things around, here. Let’s get to it.

I am keeping Tuesday Testimony. I like it. You seem to as well. It will stay on Tuesday.

I am officially bringing back Weekly Funnies. Not sure what day of week to bring it back to. Looking at jokes and images. Perhaps a video.

I have plans to bring back Weekly News as well. Again, need a day. It will be Good News of course. Looking at three stories per post.

The two Weekly posts will likely have some themed stuff. I like themed stuff and your clicks do too.

I want to keep this as simple as possible. I still keep the news, I bring back the humor that put this blog on the map, and those testimonies are a favorite based on comments and likes I get.

The Weekly Funnies will be nice and clean (in terms of language and images used). The Weekly News will continue to show what good is going on. The testimony will also give you a look at how people are being overcomers and stuff.

Dante’s Optimism lives.

When will this launch? Either next week or the following week. This week is going to be busy as I am preparing lighting for my church’s Christmas concert. I’m also singing in the choir so it’s double duty.

I Guess Maybe…Maybe Bring Back the Funnies


Well, the numbers are in and you love the funnies that show up here on this blog. Weekly Funnies and Daily Good Stuff lead views daily and there is no sign of them slowing down. Comedy is gold.

So, perhaps I will bring back at least the Weekly Funnies feature back to this blog. It was one of the original featured posts of this blog (along with Weekly News).

I liked those two posts a lot. I’ve always wanted to do a daily feature but I don’t have the strength to do it. So, weekly it is.

I’m examining the other types of posts here. Motivation, Testimony, Word, Thought (lol), and Fearless. I will look at the views for those and pick the ones that seem to have the most impact. I will then create a new lineup, that only takes up maybe three days of the week.

But yeah, it looks like Weekly Funnies will return.