Dante Funny: I Drive Like My Brother

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Tom and Dave are in the car. Dave is driving, and 
he runs right through a Stop sign. So Tom
 says, “Hey, that was a Stop sign.” And Dave says, “I drive like my brother!”

A few blocks later, Dave plows right through a red light. Tom says, “You just ran a red light.” And Dave says, “I drive like my brother!”

So now they’re coming up on a green light, and Dave slows down. Tom says, “It’s green; why are you slowing down?”

Dave says, “My brother might be coming.”

Dante Funny: Nipple Equality


I know what you’re thinking: I’ve lost my mind. I’ve finally gone too far. I have changed the blog’s theme.

But no, this is as serious as it is funny.

Apparently, there is an Instagram account that posts nipples because it believes that you can’t tell the difference. It also believes that the policy of male nipples being allowed but women’s nipples not is sexist. Nipple equality.

The double standard should indeed end in this case. A nipple is a nipple. As someone with three of them, I would know. Triple nipple: The Dante Nelson Story.

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Dante Funny: The Bowling Force



Should I Bring Back Daily Good Stuff?

dante writes

It’s a question I ask myself often because the views this blog gets are in strong favor of this legendary feature. This feature basically single handily brought my blog to another level. I had a streak each week for a good year of new followers and month after month the views for the blog would climb.

This year alone, 6 of the top ten viewed posts are Daily Good Stuff. At 60%, it seems like I can’t really go wrong; especially since two other posts are humor related.

Daily Good Stuff had a combination of things. At its best, it contained the following:

  • Inspirational quote
  • Bible verse
  • Funny video
  • Funny image
  • Weird news
  • Positive news

There were other bits to it but that was the core. It won people over for the humor, however, since a spinoff series Daily Good News failed to get any draw. However, if I bring back this feature, that would once again be my core.

Before I can honestly answer if I should bring this popular feature back, I have to remember why I stopped because if I stopped before, could I stop again for the same reason(s)?

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Dante Funny: Playing Outside