My Prayer for Healing of Herpes


A while ago, I posted a testimony from a website. This person talked about how God healed of herpes. Since then, people have been commenting on that post either sharing a similar testimony, or asking for prayer for their eventual healing.

So, a prayer is what I’m going to give. Let me share these comments first.

Comment one:

Thank you for this post. I’m in tears. I’m 51, single 2 years now. Out of an long relationship. I’ve always believed and loved The Lord but through the break up God really showed me who He is and about how I’ve been missing so much of what’s He’s been trying to tell me. My heart was broken but I’ve never been happier, well with exception to the one and only person I’ve had sex with since the breakup gave me Herpes. I let my guard down in protecting me and waiting because the connection was so strong and this individual was so close to God. Turns out he wasn’t the guy for me. Not because he gave this to me but for other reasons. This was about 4 months ago. I very much believe in the power of prayer and healing. Years ago God took away a 9 year smoking habit with not one craving. Currently, I asked a guy out and have felt excited about the possibility of a lifetime with him. We’ve only spoken about 4 times but I can tell he has qualities I admire. We spoke last night on the phone where he proceeded to tell me about an internet date he’d had who he liked, was very pretty, an attorney, never married, no kids, who he was interested in before she told him she had genital herpes. He said he felt bad for her, tried to remain friends but he didn’t want that for himself and she still desired him as a partner and wanted kids. He sounded kind of grossed out about it. Said he looked into it, saw pictures etc. I get it! I would probably feel the same. As you can imagine I was in shock to have this conversation go this way. He asked me if anyone ever told me that and I said no. I didn’t say anything else. Imagine my shock. I went from excited to hear from him to this is over.


All night I’ve been wondering what to do. I wasn’t going to say, hey so do I and tell him my story. I don’t need or want him to judge me or pity me or look at me as tainted. I have to see him saturday for a business thing and then I don’t have to ever see him. He asked me out for tonight and I said yes. I’m thinking I shouldn’t go.

My lot in life is to have an abundant life of love. I know that God will give me the desires of my heart. He taught me how to truly love someone, others and especially myself so therefore there just has to be the one for me. I’m not really sure how to handle this guy. I know he’s interested too and I would in no way move into a physical relationship until much longer than the other guy because I want to be sure about him.

I didn’t move fast with the other guy either but hindsight there were signs that he might not be the one for me. I just got caught up. But this guy, him having said this to me out right and for me to carry on with him and for him begin to fall for me I’m thinking isn’t fair. I have faith that I will see a negative lab test in my future too but perhaps I should wait for that day to start dating.

I really put my life in God’s hands, have prayed about this man before he asked me out (after I approached him ( : God knows my heart and desires, it seems so peculiar that this topic would come up so quickly. I don’t really know what God might be trying to tell me. I’m disheartened for sure. I ask for guidance everyday. I was thinking this guy could be the one since I chose him.

Thank you for your prayer. Thank you for sharing ALL That you did here. I’ve been confessing all night, “The Lord forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.” Psalm 103:3

I’m really not sure how to handle this. Any advice? It would be great if I could date him for a few months and confess God’s word with my faith daily, hourly and leave it in His hands and after a few months get tested again and if it’s still present break it off. As I type it, I know that’s still not fair to him. I will take it one day at a time. I’m going to go tonight, with God by my side and see what happens. Finish my business with him on Saturday and then slow things down if he wants to progress. God has my back what is meant to be will be.

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God Is In Control


The truth behind a lot of the evil in this world can disturb many.

I’m not going to mention any current national news going on, because I would rather this be a timeless, generic piece.

Despite the violence going on. The pure EVIL that’s going on…the things I’ve witnessed. Things I’ve heard about…despite all of this, I am at peace.

I’m sick. Yeah, the evil I run into makes you feel sick. Why would it not, unless you’re completely numb…or evil.

No, me being at peace does not mean I don’t care. Me being at peace means that I know one thing: God is in control.

This sucks to hear, especially when you’re in the middle of reacting to evil deeds. You may not want to hear this and may hate me for it. “Then why didn’t God stop it?”

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Viewer’s Choice: Top Ten Viewed Dante’s Optimism Posts in 2014


Check out the top ten for 2015.

Let’s do 2014.

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There are three parts (Part 2 is in 11th place). The title tells you all you need to know. This plays into how this blog was born.

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7. Check Out My RSS Feeds From FanSided

Recognize this post? For 2015 views, it is actually in 6th place. That’s…interesting.

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